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Corporate Law Services, Policies and Processes

Entity Setup:

  • Establishing the right business structure: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Private/Public Company.

Compliance and Risk Management:

  • Ensuring statutory and regulatory compliance to mitigate liability and protect the interests of the company and its directors.
  • Conducting compliance audits to preempt fines, penalties, and reputational risks.


Contracts and Agreements:

  • Managing contracts robustly, including drafting, vetting, and negotiations.
  • Implementing clear agreements, POs, contracts, and vendor compliance to ensure smooth operations, avoid interpretational issues, and limit exposures and liabilities for the company, its directors, and officers.

Corporate Compliance:

  • Handling company law compliance, including forms, returns, CSR policy, and projects.
  • Establishing sound processes for Board, Committees, Independent, and Women Directors.
  • Preparing agendas and minutes for Board, Committee, and Shareholders' meetings.
  • Managing related party transactions and other critical company law aspects.
  • Assisting with Board reports, filings with the ROC, and maintenance of statutory books.

Financial and Legal Documentation:

  • Negotiating and documenting loans, along with related filings.
  • Implementing policies like Vigil Mechanism, Whistle Blower, and workplace harassment redressal.

Internal Controls and Risk Management:

  • Developing internal controls, enterprise risk management, and fraud control measures.
  • Creating functional processes for achieving operational excellence.


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