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Litigation-Civil and Criminal

Comprehensive Legal Protection Services

We specialize in safeguarding the financial, operational, and reputational interests of companies, directors, officers, and other stakeholders in civil and criminal matters. Our services include:

1. Proactive Issue Resolution:

  • Advising on proactive resolution of potential issues to prevent disputes or litigation, ensuring early intervention to mitigate risks.

2. Litigation Preparation:

  • If litigation becomes inevitable, we gather facts, compile documents, and draft legal notices and replies. We handle all aspects of pleadings, including drafting and filing written submissions as required.

3. Robust Representation:

  • Our team provides robust representation before courts and forums, seeking quick interim orders to protect our clients' interests effectively.

4. Argumentation and Case Preparation:

  • We meticulously prepare arguments, compile relevant case laws, and present compelling cases before courts and forums.

5. External Counsel Coordination:

  • We attend conferences and brief external counsels when necessary, ensuring cohesive and strategic legal representation.

6. Closure and Post-Judgment Actions:

  • We aim for quick and favourable closure of legal proceedings, obtaining copies of orders/judgments and analysing implications for further actions if needed. Additionally, we provide guidance on post-judgment actions to ensure comprehensive legal resolution.
  • With our comprehensive legal protection services, we strive to provide our clients with effective strategies and support to navigate through legal challenges and achieve favourable outcomes.


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