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Robust Contracts Management:

  • Drafting and vetting contracts with customers, employees, vendors, etc.
  • Includes NDAs, JVAs, MSAs, and RFPs.
  • Focus on mitigating exposure, risks, and liabilities.


  • Providing compliance checklists and actions for implementation.
  • Conducting compliance audits to pre-empt fines, penalties, and reputational risks.

Sound Policies:

  • Formulating processes, procedures, and policies like Code of Conduct, Whistle Blower, and workplace harassment.
  • Providing Ombudsman services.

Company Law:

  • Ensuring company law compliances, forms, and returns.
  • Formulating CSR policies and enabling review of implementation and progress of projects.

Good Governance Framework:

  • Emphasizing ESG focus and best practices.

Amicable Settlements:

  • Facilitating Alternate Dispute Resolution to prevent legal cases.

Legal Notices:

  • Prompt drafting and responding to legal notices.


  • Providing end-to-end services from initiation to award or judgment.

Human Resource:

  • Handling employment, labor law, and disciplinary action matters.

Real Estate:

  • Conducting due diligence, and managing buy/sell, lease, license agreements, and registrations.


  • Addressing cyber crimes, economic offences, and anti-trust/competition laws.


  • Managing trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.

Energy & Power:

  • Dealing with aspects related to the Electricity Act 2003, rules/regulations, CERC, SEBs.

Troubleshoot/Crisis Management:

  • Assisting in navigating through various crises.

Independent Roles:

  • Acting as arbitrator or independent director.

Regulatory Advocacy:

  • Representing company/industry issues to foster congenial policies.

Liaisoning Advisory:

  • Handling applications, registrations, licenses, permits, and approvals.

Legal Opinions:

  • Providing case-specific legal opinions.

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