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Dispute Resolution-Negotiation, Conciliation, Arbitration

Dispute Resolution-Negotiation, Conciliation, Arbitration

We provide comprehensive dispute resolution services, offering expertise in negotiation, conciliation, and arbitration, along with support for legal proceedings. Our services include:

(a) Amicable Settlements:

  • Facilitating amicable settlements to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.

(b) Conciliation & Arbitration:

  • Assisting in conciliation and arbitration proceedings to achieve fair resolutions.

(c) Legal Notices/Replies:

  • Drafting and responding to legal notices to address disputes promptly.

(d) Drafting Legal Documents:

  • Preparation of various legal documents including writ petitions, plaints, suits, written statements, and counter-affidavits.

(e) Winding up or Liquidation Proceedings:

Providing support and guidance in winding up 

  • or liquidation proceedings.

(f) Civil and Criminal Litigations:

  • Handling various civil and criminal litigations in forums, tribunals such as NCLT, NCLAT, TDSAT, consumer forums, and courts including high courts and the Supreme Court.

Our goal is to navigate through legal complexities and ensure optimal outcomes for our clients through strategic and effective dispute resolution methods.

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