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Direct Taxation:

  • Advisory and Consultancy: Providing expert advice on domestic and international taxation matters.
  • Compliance and Regulatory: Ensuring adherence to tax laws and regulations.
  • Transfer Pricing: Managing transfer pricing documentation and compliance.
  • Tax Planning: Developing strategies to optimize tax liabilities.
  • Representation and Litigation: Representing clients in tax authorities, Tribunals, High Court, and Supreme Court.

Customized Solutions: Offering tailored tax solutions to meet specific client needs.

Indirect Taxation:

  • Comprehensive Indirect Tax Services: Covering the entire indirect tax regime, including Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Litigation Support: Handling litigation at all forums, including tax authorities, tribunals, High Court, and Supreme Court.
  • Sector-Specific Advice: Providing tax advice for leasing, infrastructure, hospitality, media and entertainment, advertising, and more.
  • Managed Services: Offering managed services for tax compliance.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Work: Assisting with filing returns, audits, refunds, and other regulatory requirements.

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